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vie-fit story


"Just a blond and a brunette trying to bring people together." 

Niki and Alex specialize in providing two main meet-ups:


1) Heart filled and always FREE fitness classes around Montreal!

2) Womens only retreats retreats full of fun, growth and lots of sweat /smiles! Their classes and retreats focus on creating a positive place where being sweaty makes you feel incredible! 


At the retreat you are sure to find a little mix of everything. BASICALLY, we just want YOU to have an INCREDIBLE time. This more than just fitness, this is a weekend for the top 5 moments list! Our vision is to create an amazing weekend for you and your ladies where you do not have to plan, think, cook, or "adult"... we will take care of you.

We want to bring you as much as we can and you choose what you want and how you "vie" during the weekend. This is YOUR weekend. 


What to expect?:

- live entertainment

- dancers

- DIY Workshops to bring home

- bring-your-own-wine nights

surprise guests

- Prizes & Games

- CLASSES and more CLASSES: bootcamp, yoga, barre, candle lit yin-yoga, mental wellness workshops and SO much more.


These unique events are not only about your fitness, wellness, and personal goals but also taking the time to feel amazing. This is a weekend to feel acknowledged and appreciated by your incredible self and also connect with others incredible women!

Now you know our story, we can't wait to hear yours!

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