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Just a blond and a brunette trying to bring people together. 

All VIE-FIT classes, from bootcamp to yoga to barre, proudly all focus around the main principle of self-love and connection.


A Women's only Quebec based Fitness Association dedicated to helping women meaningfully connect with themselves and other women through the “find-your-fit” to “find-yourself” method. VIEFIT’s philosophy helps teach women to love fitness and by extension love themselves through a wide variety of workshops, retreats, and fun classes all rooted in the practice of


VIEFIT’s main goal is to reappropriate the concept of a "FIT" women. VIEFIT sets deeper intentions and connection in fitness classes with the goal of redirecting a women’s motivation in fitness away from being a negative chore catalyzed through self-hurt/judgement  to empowering women through enjoyment in their found “fit”, self-love and acknowledgment. Through this, VIEFIT hopes to create deeper, kinder, healthier connections and relationships within women.

To VIEFIT, a FIT Women..:

Enjoys fitness as a means of loving themselves and as a means

to give and feel supported/inspired from other women.



1) "Find-Your-Fit to Find-Your-Self" :

The main goal of VIEFIT is to help each women connect with themselves through the practice of "Find-Your-Fit to Find-Your-Self" method at all retreats, classes, events and workshops. This practice consists of:

A) Fitness as Fun, not Another Chore: Offering inclusive retreats and a variety of free fitness class that strive to allow each women to enjoy and feel like they found their perfect "fit" in fitness.

B) All class are more than just fitness but share a communially set intention/practice offered by the instructor of self-love and connection.


2) Creating Community:

Creating a safe place for women to come together and feel a sense of comfort/support/community.


3) Supporting Local:

Vie-Fit goal is to support other Quebec based businesses through our " Vie-Fit Favourite Things" Bags given at Retreats and Events alongside Social Media Support (posts, tags etc.)/ Giveaways.


4) Giving Back to the Community:

Giving to Quebec Charities, Youth, and Schools focused on helping Quebec Women and Girls. This will be done through fitness class fundraisers and raffles for local Quebec products/services.

Now you know our story, we can't wait to hear yours!

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