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Live Fitness Classes

  Join a Fitness Retreat and Take Live Fitness Classes with Great Teachers

At VIEFIT, we want you to know that you can feel and look your best with our live fitness classes. We’re a welcoming community that provides you with an online fitness opportunity and experience that you will love. With a wide variety of classes, it’s easier than ever to get in shape and to be healthy.

We want to make fitness fun! We offer yearly women’s weekend retreats and have over 15 styles of classes and workshops for our community. You can become a live online member, take group classes and more.

We offer different membership options. Join unlimited for a month at just $9.99. You’ll have unlimited access to online community classes, the VIEFIT video library and mini workouts. We offer daily challenges, too! For the Live Online membership, you can join for only $4.99 a month. You’ll have 24-hour access to live community class, and you can join from any computer, iPad or phone.

VIEFIT is a women’s only Fitness Association that is dedicated to helping women connect with themselves and others through the “find yourself” and “find your fit” method. We work to help you love fitness and yourself through fun classes, retreats and workshops. Our goal is to reappropriate the idea of a “fit woman” and encourage you to be empowered.

We offer a live group chat on the site, and we sell workout clothing, too. Everything you need for your fitness adventure is here at VIEFIT. Learn about our 2020 retreat or other retreats on our site, too. We’d love to talk to you more or answer any questions you have. You can chat with us online through our helpful chat engine! You can also reach out and chat with us at

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