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When cloudy skies turn to sunshine, shut
Abs, Back & Booty Camp

Level: III

Circuit style class sure to get your heart beating and sweat flowing.

Level: III

High Intensity Interval Training. Bursts of series on filled with squats, push-ups and a well deserved glass of wine!



Low impact put high booty burn. Get ready to pulse, squeeze, tighten and tone. A must try!

Yoga Beats

Level II:

Dynamic flow to upbeat music. Sure to leave you smiling and stretched!

Day 5 Yoga_ We couldn't help going back
Meditation Circle

Clear your mind by enjoying a peaceful walk around the onsite meditation circle.

Kids Kayaking
Canoe / Kayake

Free and able to use your entire stay!

Day 5 Yoga_ We couldn't help going back
Walk/ Hike

Take a hike! Enjoy the trees, birds, and sunshine. We dare you to even sing a song and pee on a tree.

Swimming laps in the sea

Jump in, the waters great, at our semi-private lake! Even better, try a dip at night under the crystal clear sky to gaze at the stars. BLISS.

How will you choose to vie?
Barre theme tonight_-2.jpg

Level I-II

A mix of your favourite pilates core and flute work with a the stretching incorporated in yoga. Crowd Favourite!

Church Candles
Candle-Lit Yin Yoga

Level I

A very gentle yoga class where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Specializes in calming the mind and flexibility.


Level I-II

Designed to tighten and tone your core, pilates is a low impact exercise accessible for all.

Taught teen yoga this morning to the mos
Stretch &

Level I-II

A mix of weight work and stretching, a very well balanced class for those looking for a bit a sweat mix with a bit of love.

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