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Online Fitness Training

  Are You Tired of Sitting Around Inside? Get Online Fitness Training and Do Online Boot Camp Workouts with VIEFIT Now!

At VIEFIT, we know that having to go through social distancing is hard. Fortunately, we have online courses that make it easy to stay in shape without having to be with others. It’s a great way to be connected without being close!

We think it’s important that fitness is fun for our clients! Take one of our live classes, or come to our yearly retreat. We have over 15 different kinds of exercise classes available to our community. That means that you will never get bored with the options you have!

If you are concerned about cost, don’t be. We make exercising affordable, too. You can join with unlimited for a month at just $9.99. With this, you get unlimited access to online community classes, the VIEFIT video library and mini workouts. For the Live Online membership, we make things even more affordable at just $4.99 a month. This limited membership gives you access to all our live classes online, so you can work out when you want to.

VIEFIT uses the “find yourself” and “find your fit” method. We want to encourage the idea of a fit woman, including the mental health that goes along with that. When you are fit, you feel happy and healthy! That’s our goal for you and everyone in our classes.

At VIEFIT, our goal is your satisfaction. We would love to talk to you about the classes that you want to see as well as your opinion of our current classes. We want to see you in our online boot camp workouts! We know that you’ll love our online fitness training. Email us if you have any questions by reaching out to

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