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The famous get sweaty events & what they could bring to you!

There’s a community out there dying to meet you. It’s a judgement free zone, a place that embraces you and all the quirks that make you special. It’s a sisterhood that welcomes you with open arms. How can I be so sure? Because that is exactly what happened to me.

I think its time I tell you a little about myself and how I fit in here at #VIEFIT. For this to make any sense, it’s important to go back to the beginning but don’t worry, I’ll compromise and skim through the last 5 years.

At 24 years old, I was living in the heart of Toronto with my lifelong friend Julie. I was happy, healthy and very fit. I had a wonderful group of friends and I was completely in love with my career as a flight attendant. The world was, very literally, my oyster. Then, in the summer of 2015, Julie introduced me to Sami, a boy from Montreal, who obviously made a lasting impression because here I am today, amid COVID-19, stuck in a 650 sqft apartment with him! (Hats off to you my love!)

So how did I get here?

After a year of back and forth between the two cities, I decided the time had come to make a change. A bittersweet decision, I finally told Julie I was moving. Thankfully, she made it easy for me by respecting my decision and talking me through any doubts I had. Job wise, I kept my “home base” with Air Canada through Toronto Pearson Airport much longer than needed. This meant commuting, from one city to another, every single work shift. I could have easily transferred right away, so why go through all that hassle and inconvenience? I guess subconsciously, I did it out of fear. I thought by keeping one foot in each city, I was somehow holding onto a small part of my past life. I now know, this only blocked any chance I had of embracing my new one.

Through the back and forth, my odd work hours and being out of the country half of the month, it made it very challenging to find my place within Montreal. A gym membership didn’t feel financially sustainable, joining a soccer league without missing half of the games felt impossible, going out reinforced loneliness. I was lost and really did not know how to integrate. Luckily, I had met a couple of good friends that I could count on, but I still felt so distant from the social and independent person I was in Toronto. I was struggling then and it is no longer hard for me to admit.

So what changed? It was completely out of the blue, my boyfriend and I attended an outdoor summer party one evening and bumped into a friend of his that I had never met before. We spent most of our time catching up with Patrick. I don’t recall all the details of that night but at some point, he mentioned how much he thought his girlfriend Alex and I would really hit it off! In typical male fashion, it only took about a year for the guys to organize a dinner. After much anticipation, we finally got together. It took about a whole 15 seconds for Alex and I to realize we were going to be great friends.

Cheers Pat, to you and your incredible instincts!

The rest unfolded very naturally. Alex immediately shared her passion for fitness, positive body image and her upcoming goals for the community. It was obvious that this vibrant energetic and tenacious woman could do anything she set her mind to. She’s the kind of person you want to spend time with. After suggesting different fitness studios across the city and inviting me to a workout she was hosting, it did not take long for her infectious personality to rub off on me. Before I knew it, I started training again and it felt OH so good.

Eventually #VIEFIT launched their very first #GETSWEATY event at the lole on St-Catherine’s street downtown Montreal. Attending the event was mandatory, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. From one shaky leg to another, I became less and less nervous and just ended up completely enjoying myself. Little did I know, I would meet so many other amazing women including Niki and Carley who are two of my greatest friends today. Niki, co-owner of #VIEFIT, is an accomplished athlete with a contagious smile, she is a great listener and an even better adviser. Carley, now a #VIEFIT instructor, is this hilarious little firecracker who teaches nothing but compassion and self-love through her practice. I’m sharing this with you, to give you a sneak peek into our sisterhood, it's a way to show you, just what kind of people you can find here. Perhaps I am biased, but how lucky am I to have these amazing ladies as my go-to people? This community brings wonderful like-minded people together. How can you possibly resist subscribing to that?

A great example I can give you, is that of my very first friend in Montreal, we call her Gg. Through our connection, she courageously attended her first #GETSWEATY event back in August of last year. Never in a million years had I thought these two worlds of mine would collide but sure enough they did, and how cool is that? Gg found her place within the group, she is now a #VIEFIT member with a perfect attendance, she challenges me to participate in classes daily and I simply LOVE that!

I don’t attribute all my happiness and success to #VIEFIT but I can certainly recognize the role it is playing in my life. Through this community, I have found an abundance of people to share meaningful moments with. This has made Montreal feel like home once and for all, and although the group is too large to socialize with daily, I feel a connection, an inexplicable feeling of warmth when our paths cross. It’s that familiar smile you get from across the street or a rapid encounter and quick chat at your nearby shop that makes all the difference. I can finally say: this lively city doesn’t feel so big anymore! Despite the circumstances, the fun hasn’t stopped. Come get virtually sweaty with us this upcoming Saturday – May 2nd, 2020. All donations will go towards supporting our beloved fitness instructors; Adriana (Miami Yoga), Marissa (Barreless Barre), Laura (Zumba), Carley (Pilates Burn), Stephanie (Bootcamp) and Marie (Yin Yoga). You won't regret it, come show your true colors, it’s never too late to add a little happiness to your life.

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